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Job Title Location Sector Salary Actions
Customer Success Manager Northampton Reed Talent Solutions £45000 - £60000 View
Delivery Consultant Northampton Reed Talent Solutions £26000 - £30000 View

Customer Success Manager

£45000 - £60000

At Consultancy+ we specialise in delivering outcome-based projects and solutions. Our unique offering combines niche expertise with the backing of one of the UK’s most well-known resourcing providers – Reed. This means we can provide our clients with the strategy, expertise, and direction that they need, as well as a partner that can scale as required to take on a wide range of projects. 

For our people and to each other . . . we are authentic, we are accountable, and we take action. 

We are deeply proud of the supportive and collaborative culture that we have developed, and we want to protect it. We don’t want people that are arrogant, dishonest or show-offs; as that isn’t us. We want people who work hard, want to learn and want to work in a team environment that is caring, ambitious and open. That is what makes us a different place to work and a different partner for our customers to work with. 

Delivery Consultant

£26000 - £30000

This is an exciting career opportunity to play an integral role in the operational delivery for Consultancy+.

Owning the successful delivery of services from implementation through to completion, this client facing role will allow you to learn about our business solutions end to end, whilst delivering operational excellence in a successful and growing team.

Role: Ops Consultant
Location: Combination of office based and home-based working (dependant on business needs). 
Contract: Full Time, Permanent 
Salary: £26,000- £30,000 + bonus

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