In February of this year, Reed Talent Solutions (RTS) launched a new initiative – RTS Venture.

Each quarter a series of campaigns have been designed to inform, educate, inspire, and involve RTS co-members right across the country. Bringing this already tight-knit community even closer together.  Graduate alumni and now Head of HR and Talent Management at RTS Lifts the Lid on what RTS Venture is all about.



Joy, In a nutshell – What is RTS Venture?

RTS Venture is a series of campaigns designed to inform, educate, inspire, and involve RTS co-members in a particular topic area. Each quarter we have a different area of focus and arrange activities or share content to support of that topic.

We deliberately plan a varied calendar of events to try and ensure there is something in there for everyone and enable people to get involved in different ways. We have recently concluded our Enviornmental, Social and Governance (ESG) campaigns and some highlights for me have been the community litter pick and learning about the practicalities of beekeeping from a Reed co-member who looks after the hives at our Dragon Court office.  

What was the motivation behind the idea?

As with a lot of organisations, our population of hybrid and remote workers has increased significantly since the Covid pandemic. While there are many benefits that come from this flexibility, we did not want to lose our ability to connect with and involve co-members who operate more remotely.  

Prior to launching RTS Venture we felt we were missing something and we wanted to move away from having remote relationships that were transactional to relationships that were personable.  

RTS venture intends to actively provide these opportunities for real connections to be formed amongst the team and allow us to have fun, learn more, get involved and give back together.  


“The success we see within RTS comes with a lot of hard work but that is not all of what RTS is about and not the only reason people work with us.”

 What are you most looking forward to from the initative? 

Our current focus for RTS Venture if ‘getting active’. When deciding on our calendar of events having a physical activity focus within RTS Venture was really important to us. The mental and physical health benefits that come from exercise are endless and something we wanted to encourage co-members to get involved in.  

As part of this a group of co-members will be taking part in a 25km ‘Ultra Challenge’ across the Peak District. Not only will it be a physical challenge we are also each raising money for a charity of our choice and it is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with and get to know some new co-members I may not have spoken to before.  

Co-members from N900 in Northampton, taking part in the Million Mile Clean

Why is this so important to RTS?

The success we see within RTS comes with a lot of hard work but that is not all of what RTS is about and not the only reason people work with us. As well as working hard, we also care about our co-member wellbeing, giving back, having fun, and celebrating and RTS venture is one of the ways in which we do this.  

Collaboration and innovation are also an integral part of RTS and something we think is so important. Being able to come together in support of the RTS initiatives helps this to happen naturally as we build relationships as a team. 

What’s next?

The great thing about this initiative is that anyone can get involved, co-members have the option to pick and chose what matters to them.

The possibilities are endless! Coming up this year we will be getting to know our Senior Leadership team better and a specific initiative designed around charity and giving back.  

By Claire Bacon