REED loves to celebrate its high achievers. For Reed Specialist Recruitment and Reed Talent Solutions there is an annual High Achievers event held around the autumn to reward and recognise the hard work and successes of REED’s best recruitment consultants and managers.

This year the High Achievers event took place at the stunning Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire.

high achievers - eynsham hall

While our Co-Members are not unaccustomed to spending time at beautiful manor houses (owing to most Co-Members being trained at the Reed Business School), the event at Eynsham Hall was less focused on training and more focused on celebrating recent successes and rewarding top billing consultant and managers with a great time away from the office.

As the video and pictures show (including those below by Co-Member attendee Emma Thomas), just some of the activities our Co-Members got involved in around the manor house and gardens included wine-tasting, rounders and shooting… to name just a few! Further wine was available of course at the awards dinner in the evening where Managing Director Tom Lovell played host for the awards, sharing in the successes of hundreds of high-achieving Co-Members including, Business Managers, Permanents Consultants, Temporaries Consultants and more…

high achievers event - emma thomas

Better Never Stops

During and after the event Tom spoke about the phrase he uses both as a personal motto and to drive the company vision, ‘Better Never Stops’.

To Tom Lovell this phrase means that we should always be looking to improve ourselves, our work and our business, regardless of by how much:

“The improvements you can make can be big or small, but they should always focus on getting improved outcomes…there is always room for improvement.” 

In addition to praising the achievements of Co-Members and managers in 2018, Tom encouraged both event attendees and all Co-Members across the business (following the event) to be thinking about what improvements and new ideas can be tried and implemented now and in the near future to help develop REED’s business even further in Financial Year 2019.

A Social Affair

For anyone connected on LinkedIn with any of our Co-Members who attended the event you were almost guaranteed to have seen pictures of pools, balls, guns and gowns! Here’s just a few of the pictures taken from the event. For more Co-Member posts about what it’s like to work for REED, check out #LifeAtREED.

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