As the last days of summer drew in, the magnificent Crewe Hall was getting ready to welcome a record number of Reed co-members through its doors, celebrating some fantastic achievements at the annual High Achievers Event.  

crewe hall high achievers event location
Crewe Hall, where our High Achievers event took place.
HA2021 High Achievers - group doing outdoor activities

The event, held across the day and into the evening, was a fantastic opportunity for co-members with long and recent service to reconnect in person; some even meeting for the very first time, having worked with one another for several months prior. 

Country pursuits were the theme in the daytime, something we have all become more familiar with over the last 18 months, but this was no country park.

We then stepped into the evening with a black-tie gala and the opportunity to reflect upon not only the personal achievements of our co-members in the room, but the pride felt across the business for an extremely successful year.   

HA2021 High Achievers event group photo of co-members outside Crewe Hall
Co-members dressed in black-tie ready for the awards evening.
Global Managing Director, Ian Nicholas who hosted the evening, added…

“When we survey our co-members within Reed, they always say the best thing about our company is ‘the people’.

We’re blessed with a fantastic culture whereby everyone belongs, we enjoy working for each other, and we celebrate success.  Our annual High Achievers event provides a wonderful opportunity for our top performers to come together and share in celebration of their achievements.

HA2021 High Achievers Ian Nicholas giving speech at the awards evening at Crewe Hall
Ian Nicholas, Managing Director, Reed

At the start of each financial year, each division announces various competitions, with support functions also announcing categories where awards can be won.  All winners are then invited to attend an annual event. 

This year felt extra special, as we could come together in person for the first time in a long time.  It’s been a challenging year, but every area of Reed has contributed positively, and the business is now in a great place. 

It was impossible not to feel inspired when seeing the achievements of so many.  As one co-member said to me, “it’s an honour to be here and to see how wonderfully welcoming and human everyone is”.  It’s true, our top performers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but the common theme is that they are great people and you want to spend time in their company. 

The weather was kind, as we enjoyed an afternoon of shooting, archery, axe throwing, Segway and, most people’s favourite, shepherding geese with the support of five beautiful sheepdogs. In the evening, we dressed up and enjoyed a proper party.  

Now on to next year, with everyone aiming to be on the invite list again!” 

Could you be a High Achiever in 2022?

Reward and recognition are high on our agenda, and we offer some of the best in the market to date. 

We’re already planning how we mark this occasion next year. If you are ready to reserve a seat at the table, check out our current opportunities here or register for job alerts in your location.  


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